Sr. No. Program Title
1 HTML program to Create First Webpage
2 HTML program to display name of any IT company you know
3 HTML program to Demonstrate Different Types of HTML Headings
4 HTML program to display HTML headings with Different Alignments
5 HTML program to use block level tags
6 HTML program for using text level tags and special symbols
7 HTML program to demonstrate different types of lists
8 HTML program to link an external page of different web sites and link web page to your mail address
9 HTML program to design a web page which include image hyperlink and set any image as a background to the page
10 HTML program to display flags of different countries using image tag
11 HTML program to demonstrate use of MARQUEE tag
12 HTML program to divide a web page into 2 rows and second into 3 columns using frameset
13 HTML program to create a static webpage using table tag
14 HTML program to create Time Table using HTML table tag
15 HTML program to create a static web page which defines all text formatting tags of HTML in tabular format
16 HTML program to develop a web page using CSS for website page


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