Swap two numbers using third variable

Swapping is the exchanging the values of variables. For example, if a=25 and b=37 then after swapping the values are a=37 and b=25. In this program, we swap the two variables using the third variable. The third variable is a temporary variable which is used stored a value temporary. First we save the value of 'a' in 'temp', then b's value is store in 'a' and finally store the value of 'temp' in 'b'.

class SwappingUsingThirdVar {

 public static void main(String[] args) {

  int a = 10, b=20, temp;
  System.out.println("Before swapping : a = "+a+" b = "+b);
  temp = a;
  a = b;
  b = temp;
  System.out.println("After swapping : a = "+a+" b = "+b);
C:\>javac SwappingUsingThirdVar.java
C:\>java SwappingUsingThirdVar
Before swapping : a = 10 b = 20
After swapping : a = 20 b = 10

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