Program to implement the following Multi Level Inheritance

In multilevel inheritance the subclass is super class to another class. The syntax for multilevel inheritance is given below:
class <superclass-name> {
    // Body of superclass

class <subclass-name1> extends <superclass-name> {
 // Body of subclass

class <subclass-name2> extends <subclass-name1> {
 // Body of subclass

In this program, we have created three classes from which Account is a superclass for Saving_Acc and the Saving_Acc is the superclass for Acct_Details. In main( ) method we have created an object Acct_Details and pass the values to constructor then called the display( ) method. Here we used the super keyword to call parent class constructor and method.

Note that after compiling the file the four .class files will be created "Acoount.class", "Saving_Acc.class", "Acct_Details.class" and "MultiLevelInh.class".

import java.lang.*;

class Account {
 String cust_name;
 int acc_no;
 Account(String a, int b) {
 void display() {
  System.out.println ("Customer Name: "+cust_name);
  System.out.println ("Account No: "+acc_no);

class Saving_Acc extends Account {

 int min_bal,saving_bal;
 Saving_Acc(String a, int b, int c, int d) {
 void display() {
  System.out.println ("Minimum Balance: "+min_bal);
  System.out.println ("Saving Balance: "+saving_bal);

class Acct_Details extends Saving_Acc {
 int deposits, withdrawals;
 Acct_Details(String a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f) {
 void display() {
  System.out.println ("Deposit: "+deposits);
  System.out.println ("Withdrawals: "+withdrawals);

public class MultiLevelInh {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  Acct_Details A = new Acct_Details("Pankaj",666,1000,5000,500,9000);
C:\>java MultiLevelInh
Customer Name: Pankaj
Account No: 666
Minimum Balance: 1000
Saving Balance: 5000
Deposit: 500
Withdrawals: 9000

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