Program to demonstrate some of font class methods

This program demonstrates some important methods of Java's Font class. The Font class represents fonts, which are used to render text in a visible way. It has following constructors:
Font (Font font)

Font (String name, int style, int size)
The first constructor creates a new Font from the specified font. And the second constructor creates a new Font from the specified name, style and point size. Some of the methods of Font class are given below:
  1. Font getFont( ) : It returns the reference of current font.
  2. String getFamily( ) : It returns the family name of the Font.
  3. String getFontName( ) : It returns the font face name of the Font.
  4. String getName( ) : It returns the logical name of the Font.
  5. int getSize( ) : It returns the point size of the Font, rounded to an integer.
  6. int getStyle( ) : It returns the style of the Font.
  7. boolean isBold( ) : It indicates whether or not the Font object's style is BOLD.
  8. boolean isItalic( ) : It indicates whether or not the Font object's style is ITALIC.
  9. boolean isPlain( ) : It indicates whether or not the Font object's style is PLAIN.

import java.applet.Applet;
import java.awt.Font;
import java.awt.Graphics;

public class FontDemoApplet extends Applet {

 public void paint(Graphics g) {
  Font f = g.getFont();
  String fontName = f.getFontName(); // Getting Font name
  String fontFamily = f.getFamily(); // Getting Font family
  int fontStyle = f.getStyle();      // Getting Font style
  int fontSize = f.getSize();        // Getting Font size
  String fontStl = "Font Style = ", fontS;
  fontName = "Font Name = " + fontName;
  fontFamily = "Font Family = " + fontFamily;
  fontS = "Font Size = " + fontSize;
  if( fontStyle == Font.PLAIN ) 
   fontStl += "Plain";
  if( fontStyle == Font.BOLD )
   fontStl += "Bold";
  if( fontStyle == Font.ITALIC )
   fontStl += "Italic";
  g.drawString(fontName, 50, 50);
  g.drawString(fontFamily, 50, 80);
  g.drawString(fontS, 50, 110);
  g.drawString(fontStl, 50, 140);

/* <applet code="FontDemoApplet.class" width=200 height=200>



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