Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Program to create applet to draw Bar Chart

Here, we are displaying bar chart on applet window. The values for labels, columns are passed from applet's <PARAM> tag and stored in applet's init( ) method with the help of arrays. In <APPLET> tag first four parameters are for column values, next four parameters are for column labels and the last parameter is for the number of columns in bar chart.

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class BarChart extends Applet
 int n=0;
 String label[];
 int value[];
 public void init() {
  try {
   int n = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("Columns"));
   label = new String[n];
   value = new int[n];
   label[0]  = getParameter("label1");
   label[1]  = getParameter("label2");
   label[2]  = getParameter("label3");
   label[3]  = getParameter("label4");
   value[0] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("c1"));
   value[1] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("c2"));
   value[2] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("c3"));
   value[3] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("c4"));
  catch(NumberFormatException e){}
 public void paint(Graphics g)
  for(int i=0;i<4;i++) {

/* <applet code=BarChart width=400 height=400>
 <param name=c1 value=110>
 <param name=c2 value=150>
 <param name=c3 value=100>
 <param name=c4 value=170>
 <param name=label1 value=1991>
 <param name=label2 value=1992>
 <param name=label3 value=1993>
 <param name=label4 value=1994>
 <param name=Columns value=4>


C:\>javac BarChart.java
C:\>appletviewer BarChart.java

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