Program to create an applet to accept a username as parameter and display number of characters.

In this program, we have to get the username from Applet's <PARAM> tag and display the length of the string. The value of parameter can be get using getParameter( ) method of applet. The length( )function is used to find length of given string.

import java.applet.Applet;
import java.awt.Graphics;

public class CharCountParam extends Applet{

 String uname="", msg;
 int length;
 public void init() 
  uname = getParameter("Username");
  length = uname.length();
  uname = "Hello " + uname;
  msg = "Length = " + length;
 public void paint(Graphics g)
  g.drawString(msg, 50, 90);

<applet code="CharCountParam" width=200 height=200>
<param name="Username" value="RAHUL">



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