Program for implementing Runnable interface

There are two ways to create a thread:
  1. By extending Thread class
  2. By implementing Runnable interface.
This program demonstrates you how to use the second mechanism for creating threads by implementing Runnable interface. The steps for creating a thread by using the second mechanism are:
  1. Create a subclass that implements the interface Runnable and override run( ) method:
    class MyThread implements Runnable {
     // Overrride run( ) method with "public" access specifier
     public void run( ) {
      // Thread body of execution
  2. Create an object
    MyThread t1 = new MyThread( );
  3. Creating Thread object
    Thread t = new Thread( t1 );
  4. Start Execution of created thread by calling start( ) method:
    t.start( );

class ImpementingRunnable implements Runnable {

 public void run() {
  System.out.println("This thread is running ... ");

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  Thread t = new Thread(new ImpementingRunnable());
C:\>java ImpementingRunnable
This thread is running ...

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